Mission Statement

Remnant Marketing helps Catholics and Catholic entities draw people into the beauty of the Catholic faith and set their hearts on fire for Jesus by creating an intellectually compelling and visually engaging web and social presence.



The internet and social media provide incredible opportunities for spreading the Gospel and connecting with people on their spiritual journeys. In a digital age where a large majority of the population is online, reaching out through these platforms is crucial for effectively sharing your message.

Christa Pichler’s dual role as both a faithful Catholic and a skilled designer is a unique strength for Remnant Marketing. Her ability to create visually compelling content tailored to resonate with Christians at various points in their spiritual journey can significantly enhance the impact of the marketing efforts.

In a landscape where attention spans are often short, visually engaging content can capture and maintain the interest of online audiences. By leveraging this combination, Remnant Marketing is well-positioned to make a meaningful impact on your digital presence!


Watch the Highlights!

Video is huge these days and I know some people prefer to watch content to reading and scrolling.  Here are all the details on Remnant Marketing!

Divine Inspiration

I feel very strongly that all content I design for your website and social media should be based in The Truth. I deepen my faith daily through scripture study and research. I bring this to helping you develop your content! Check out some of my inspiration!


Humbled and Honored

I have had the opportunity to do some creative work for the University of Portland, Pamplin School of Business.  I am honored that they invited me to be featured in their entreprenuerial series online!  Click the button to read the article!