My name is

Christa Pichler

and I am a Nebraska native. I truly believe that God has been preparing me for this mission my entire life. I grew up on a cattle ranch in Western Nebraska where I learned the value of hard work and developed an entrepreneurial spirit.

I was born and raised Catholic and attended the tiny parish of St. Thomas of Canterbury. Early in my elementary years we even had to borrow classrooms from a nearby United Church of Christ for our religious education classes! Some of my most memorable faith learning moments were during these formative years. I will always remember praying the Rosary with Marian and learning about Mary and the Saints from Teresa. While this isn’t really a Scripture lesson, I will never forget the year my friend’s father, Kevin, taught our class and told us of the days the nuns made him kneel on a pencil as punishment. I digress…. My faith formation was well supported even in our tiny Sandhill town by wonderful volunteers and parents.

For college I attended a small liberal arts college in south central Nebraska. There I personalized my program with majors in Marketing and Computer Graphics and minors in Information Systems and Psychology. I started freelancing at that time building websites or just generally assisting with computer functions. Immediately after undergrad, I started my MBA. I chose to include an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. 

After college, I worked at a FORTUNE 200 company for 17 years. This was an amazing career where I learned so much about myself, business, relationships, and so much more. I did not use my graphics creativity much in my roles there, save for a newsletter in the training department.

After the amazing opportunity to attend a silent Ignatian retreat, I heard loud and clear from the Lord that it was time for me to change my path. It was time for me to take that entrepreneurial leap I had always dreamed of. It was time for me to use all of my college education. It was time for me to align my career with my inner self. It was time to listen to St. Catherine of Siena (the patron saint of my youngest daughter)….




As mentioned above, I have always had my Catholic faith. It has really been the last handful of years, however, where it came alive. I have committed myself to studying Scripture and deepening my relationship with the Lord. Part of my passion for this mission is spreading The Truth. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

This can be lost in the busyness of our lives or lost in translation.

I want to ensure that not only am I helping parishes re-engage their parishioners, but bringing the beauty of the truth of our Lord, Jesus Christ in its fullest glory to all. This being said, you can count on all content provided to be true to the teaching of the Catholic Church and to Scripture.

What do the company name and logo mean?

I am glad you asked!

My passion is growing the Catholic faith and spreading it to every corner of the world. Throughout Scripture, both Old and New Testament, you find there has always been a faithful remnant. When the tribes we divided and scattered, the Lord protected a remnant that held true to the Law and the teaching of the prophets. When the apostles were sent out to preach the Good News to Jews and Gentiles, they were part of that remnant, and were doing God’s work growing that remnant!

The remnant exists even today!

Our secular and materialistic world seeks to divide us and desensitize us to the Lord.
But, we can grow that remnant. We can spread the

Good News!

The stylized triangles in the logo and found elsewhere in my designs represent Mount Zion. The word Zion occurs over 150 times in the Bible. It has many meanings: David’s city, the city of God, fortification, raising up as a monument, and later deeper spiritual meaning. Ultimately, we all aspire to return to “that Holy mountain,” God’s kingdom in heaven.

Finally, purple is often described as the color of royalty. The rarity of this hue in nature and the expense of creating its dye gave it a great deal of prestige. While you find references to royal purple throughout the Bible, I find it most compelling when it is used in Mark 15:17, as the soldiers mocked Jesus…. “They clothed him in purple…” They literally stood before the King of the Universe.