Bible Studies

Go deeper!

I know each of us are on a journey throughout of lives…  And, in my journey I feel the Lord calling me to prepare Scripture studies.  I have been blown away by the depth and meaning in the passages I have heard all of my life.  As I have learned more and more about the Bible and our Lord, Jesus Christ, I have been eager to share with others.  Check out these two studies that I have compiled (or am compiling)!  If you have questions, definitely don’t hesitate to reach out.  May God’s blessing be upon you as you Go Deeper!

What Are You Missing in the Mass?

This study was developed in early 2021, shortly after things started opening back up after the COVID lockdowns.  Each video has two parts:  the first half of the session goes over a specific part of the Mass.  The second half of the session covers the readings for the upcoming Sunday.  These would have been the readings starting after Easter 2021, Cycle Year B.


The True Presence

Prefigured in the Old Testament, Fulfilled in the New Testament

In development now, this study will be ready for Lent 2023.  Sign up to attend in person in Gretna or get notified when the study is ready on YouTube!