The focus of Remnant Marketing is to provide the best combination of online media for your unique needs. This could include any of the following, and more! 

New Website Development

Everyone is online and doing their research.  Having a visually appealing and intellectually engaging web presence is critical to meet your prospective audience where they are!

Existing Website Management

If you have a website that you love and you just need someone to help you manage it and maybe update it here and there, we do that too!

Social Media Management

Getting the news or doing research on a product or company is done more and more through social media.  Having an active social media presence not only engages your current audience but helps to expand your audience!

Custom Photography

People checking out your church or business want to see pictures of… your church or business!   Beautiful images help draw people into your mission.  This is a key part of what you can do to update or refresh your image!

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Pricing will be customized for each client.
Packages will be developed and tailored to the services contracted.